From Elton John, Long John Baldry, Roxy Music, Donovan, Alex Harvey, Dr. Feelgood, Be Bop Deluxe, Pentangle, Status Quo, Iggy Pop, Genesis, Supertramp, Manfred Mann through to Joy Division, The Cure and many more.

15/03/64SunJimmy Savile – Opening Ceremony.
28/03/64SatThe Weirdies
03/04/64FriPaul Stevens & Emperors of Rhythm
04/04/64SatRicky Ford & Off Beats
05/04/64SunMarty Wilde & Wildcats
10/04/64FriToggery Five
11/04/64SatThe Mighty Crescendoes
12/04/64SunThe Corvettes
17/04/64FriPaul Stevens & The Emperors of Rhythm
19/04/64SunThe Massed Needs
25/04/64SatVince Eager
26/04/64SunLee Wayne & Falcons
20/11/64SatThe Urchins
17/01/65SatThe Hickery Sticks / The Tremmers
30/01/65SatThe Urchins
06/02/65SatThe Sinners/Las Vegas Five/The Invaders
13/02/65SatThe Keys
17/02/65WedThe Mojos
20/02/65SatThe Shakes
13/03/65SatThe Keys
17/03/65WedScreamin’ Jay Hawkins
27/03/65SatThe Wayward Sect
03/04/64SatPythagoras Squares
04/04/65SunDenny & The Witchdoctors
10/04/65SatThe Exits/The Deltas/Davy Johns Mods
17/04/65SatHogsnort Ben with The Greats
18/04/65SunThe Tremmers
01/05/65SatMersey Gonks
08/05/65SatPythagoras Squares/ The Mods
09/05/65SunThe Thames Men
28/05/65FriThe Wayward Sect
29/05/65SatThe Jailbirds/David John & The Moods
30/05/65SunDenny & The Witchdoctors
04/06/65FriThe Misfits
05/06/65SatThe Junco Partners
06/06/65SunThe Tremmers
07/06/65MonThe Wayfarers
18/06/65FriThe Peasants
19/06/65SatMoortown Animal Set
20/06/65SunThe Weirdies
30/07/65FriThe Sinners
31/07/65SatThe Fantastic Gents
01/08/65SunThe Myacks
06/08/65FriThe Wayward Sect
07/08/65SatDave Barron & the Chariots
13/08/65FridThe Cheets
14/08/65SatThe Fabulous Gonks
15/08/65SunThe Kingpins
08/08/65SunThe Marauders
20/08/65FriThe Betterdays
21/08/65SatThe Motown Sect
22/08/65SunDenny & The Witchdoctors
10/09/65FriDenny & The Witchdoctors
11/09/65SatWynder K. Frog
12/09/65SunThe Myacks
13/09/65MonThe Flamingo Five
01/10/65FriThe Wayward Sect
02/10/65SatThe What Nots
03/10/65SunIvan’s Mead
08/10/65FriEast Cheam Four
09/10/65SatThe Detroits
10/10/65SunDenny & The Witchdoctors
15/10/65FriThe Betterdays
16/10/65SatThem plus The Blues Set
23/10/65SatThe Big Boss Men
05/11/65FriTwo Manchester Groups
06/11/65SatThe Pack
07/11/65SunThe Rats
12/11/65FriThe Texas Drawlers
13/11/65SatThe Sons of Adam
14/11/65SunThe Beat Merchants
19/11/65FriThe Shotts
20/11/65SatThe Cherrokees
21/11/65SunThe Alan Price Set
26/11/65FriThis Generation
27/11/65SatThe Wheels
28/11/65SunThe Junco Partners
03/12/65FriThe Betterdays
04/12/65SatPeter B. Linatics
05/12/65SunThe Great Tom Riggs
12/01/66SatWynder K. Frog / Smatty Louis Swartz
18/12/66SatAlex Harvey Soul Band
22/01/66SatThis Generation
29/01/66SatThe Robbie Gray Soul Band / The Stylos
05/02/66SatToms Riggs
06/02/66SunThis Generation
12/02/66SatThe Clue
13/02/66SunIvan’s Mead
19/02/66SatUnion Oafs
20/02/66SunToms Riggs
26/02/66SatThe Crying Shames
27/02/66SuToms Riggs
05/03/66SatBig Arthur’s Six
06/03/66SunIvan’s Mead
12/03/66SatThe Soul Executives
13/03/66SunThe Robbie Gray Soul Band
26/03/66SatThe Toggery Five
27/03/66SunThe Soul Executives
09/04/66FriThe Dennisons
10/04/66SatThis Generation
12/04/66MonToms Riggs
30/04/66SatIvan’s Mead
01/05/66SunToms Riggs
25/06/66SatDiscaspin Rave (Disco?)
02/07/66SatErma Thomas

2+2 CLUB

Big Daddy’s formally closed and a new drinking license for the 2+2 Club granted

23/08/66TuesAdvert for 2+2 Club
14/10/66Tues2nd Advert
22/10/66Sat2+2 Club opens
23/10/66SunGene Janzen + Discs
12/11/66SatThe Pretty Things


Club Re-advertised as ‘The Scene’

17/12/66SatWayne Fontana
18/12/66SunSt. Louis Union
24/12/66SatJimmie Powell / Five Dimensions
25/12/66SunThe Squeeze
26/12/66MonThe Midnight Train / Michael’s Angels
31/12/66SatSt. Louis Union
01/01/67SunIvan’s Mead
07/01/67SatThe Measles
14/01/67SatDoctor Merwin
15/01/67SunRoll Movement


02/12/67SatOpening night
03/12/67SunJoe Markey Quintet
10/12/67SunEd O’Donnell
17/12/67SunChampion Jack Duprees
23/12/67SatBruno Barbey’s Soul Band
26/12/67TuesChampion Jack Duprees
31/12/67SunEd O’Donnell
07/01/68SunClarences Band
14/01/68SunChampion Jack Duprees
21/01/68SunAlias Bruno Barry
12/05/68SunThe Johnny Webb Trio

Other artists to perform at Clarence’s include:

Champion Jack DupreeSuzi Quatro
Roxy MusicNeil Innes (of The Bonzo Dogs)
Alex HarveyDr. Feelgood
Wilco Johnsons Solid SendersBe Bop Deluxe
PentangleMaddy Prior
Status QuoChicken Shack
GongRory Gallagher
LindisfarneMedicine Head
Barclay James HarvestBadfinger
Atomic RoosterBrinsley Swartz
Iggy PopKevin Coyn
Arthur BrownKilburn and the Highroads (Ian Drury’s band)
Manfred Mann 


Artists who played at the Good Mood included:

Joy DivisionThe Cure
Generation XThe Lurkers
UK SubsJohn Otoway & Wild Willy Barrett
WireThe Chords
Clock DVAMarty Wilde
Billy FuryJohn Leyton
Eden KaneKarl Denver